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About DACG

The mission of the Dutch Association for Crystal Growth (DACG), in Dutch: “Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kristalgroei” (NVKG), is to contribute to knowledge of and insight into crystal growth, and to stimulate the contact between researchers and users of crystal growth. To this end, the DACG organizes several activities, such as for example, courses for Ph.D. students and symposiums. Frequently, symposiums and other meetings are organized around themes either in industrial crystallization or on fundamental aspects of crystal growth.

The DACG is (co-)organizer of international conferences and summer schools in the area of crystal growth, or plays a supporting role in such events.

At present, the DACG has approximately 130 members, both from academia and from industry. This double basis forms an essential element of the DACG and is also reflected in the composition of our board. The DACG forms a division of both the Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV) and the Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging (NNV). This emphasizes the mixed chemical and physical character of crystal growth. The DACG maintains close ties with sister-organizations abroad, such as the British Association for Crystal Growth (BACG) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallwachstum und Kristallzüchtung (DGKK). In addition, it forms the Dutch contact for the International Organization for Crystal Growth. In the Netherlands, the DACG is known as the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kristalgroei (NVKG).


Every spring the DACG organizes a crystal growth symposium. This annual meeting is organized in the form of a one-day symposium, every time dedicated to a different theme in crystal growth, in which in particular young researchers (Ph.D. students and MSc. students) are stimulated to present their work in a poster or presentation. This annual meeting is combined with a one-day program of lectures and tours in either an academic or an industrial research laboratory.

The DACG-Prize is awarded every three years for the best Ph.D. thesis or equivalent series of scientific publications about crystal growth. The FACET, the journal of the DACG, appears typically two times per year. It contains announcements of meetings and other events, our annual report, summaries of recent Ph.D. theses on crystal growth, and the minutes of the annual meetings. Click to the FACET-archives.

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