20 March – 22 March 2023

DACG50 – 50th Anniversary of Dutch Association for Crystal Growth

For the Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Dutch Association of Crystal Growth, we were pleased to organize this international symposium providing ample opportunity for fruitful discussion and dialogues between experts from different fields of crystallization and to incite collaborations at the international level between the different disciplines on the area of nucleation and crystal growth and self-assembly. The 3-day symposium has featured invited talks by renown researchers from our neighboring countries, contributed talks, poster sessions and an industrial exhibition. Happy and gratefull that we could host about 130 participants.


Time and location

How to get there

Time: 20 March 2023 – 22 March 2023

Amsterdam Science Park Conference Centre
Science Park 125
1098 XG Amsterdam
P: +31 020 525 5773

More info and registration on www.dacg50.nl.


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