Crystal Growth Prize 2002

NVKG Crystal Growth Prize 2002 awarded to Dr. Eric van Veenendaal

The Crystal Growth Prize 2002 was awarded on 8 November 2002 to Nijmegen researcher Dr. Erik van Veenendaal for his fundamental research into the wet chemical etching of silicon.

Erik van Veenendaal (Giesbeek, 1973) receives the prize for his research into the growth and etching of silicon. In this research, the physico-chemical processes during etching have been described at a fundamental level through both computer simulations and theoretical models. The results were processed in a computer program that can predict the etching process and then tested against experimental results of wet chemical etching of silicon. The latter process is of great importance in the growing field of microsensors and other microsystems.

The research, which took place within the framework of a project of the STW Technology Foundation, was carried out at the Solid State Chemistry department of Prof. dr. E. Fly and Dr. WJP van Enckevort of the Catholic University of Nijmegen, in collaboration with the Department of Micromechanical Transduction Technology of Prof.dr. M. Elwenspoek of the University of Twente. In 2001, Dr. Erik van Veenendaal obtained his doctorate cum laude for this research. Before that, Dr. Erik van Veenendaal studied chemistry and mathematics at the Catholic University of Nijmegen, both of which he completed cum laude. Currently dr. Erik van Veenendaal works at the Philips Physics Laboratory in Eindhoven.

prof. dr. E. Vlieg

A computer simulation of a pyramid that can be created during the etching of silicon. Such pyramids are undesirable in practice.

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